OMP distributes the Hans® device produced under license by Stand21. Required in most championships on ciruits and rally (for example, F1, WRC, WTCC, F3000, Nascar, IRL, Champ Car, DTM, GT International, etc..), the Hans® device has established itself as a fundamental component of driver safety. Recognized as the best head and neck protection for drivers, tests have shown it reduces the risk of neck and spinal injury in the event of sudden and violent deaccelerations often experienced in racing related impacts. Proven effective on all types of terrain (circuits, rally, dirt).

Made from high strength carbon fibre, the Hans® devices we distribute comply with FIA 8858-2002, a standard which established the criteria for optimal resistance to the forces applied to a drivers head and neck in the sudden deacceleration experienced in an impact.

The models we offer are among the lightest  (530 gr to 650 gr, depending on the model) and ergonomic available.

How to choose your Hans® Device
To choose the appropriate size and model of Hans® device, it is necessary to measure your neck size and determine the angle of your seating position. The Hans® device is adaptable to any helmet with the FIA/Hans® homologation and approval (refer to the helmet section to determine which models comply with this homologation and may be used with the Hans® device).

3 inclinations:
- 10°: very upright seating position (for example, Rally...).
- 20°: upright seating positions, for use in saloons, GT...
- 30°: semi-reclined seating position, for use in single seaters and prototypes.

2 sizes:
- Medium: neck size between 38 and 45.5 cm (15"/18").
- Large: neck size over 45.5cm (over 18").

Includes the following equipment:
- Hans® device which rests on the drivers shoulders.
- 2 adjustable tethers that connect to the helmet.

Models and sizes available:
SD01 - 10° inclination Size: M
SD06 - 20° inclination Size: M
SD07 - 20° inclination Size: L
SD10 - 30° inclination Size: M
SD11 - 30° inclination Size: L

SC731 HANS® helmet anchor kit for one helmet (to be used exclusively with pre-drilled models).